Five Months Postpartum and Life Updates

Long time no blog! 
These past six months have seen all different emotions - happiness, stress, joy, sadness, anger, worry, blessed, excited and everything else you can think of. I have missed blogging and creating content. I am excited to finally get back in the midst of doing what I love while have the baby cries in the background. 


Five Months Postpartum and this journey has been incredible, even with the sleepless nights and stressful days. It has been such a beautiful experience seeing Sebastian grow everyday and learning new things. Beginning at two months, we started sleep training him (I can go further into detail with this in another blog) and it is so worth it! The first two - three months are by far the most difficult when it comes to the restless nights and hectic schedule but the small moments, giggles and admiration for our baby boy is timeless. 

Sebastian recently began rolling over on his own and started trying new foods! He loves bananas, blueberries, butternut squash and avocado! He is a huge of bath time lover, loves his head rubs and has already said the word mama when he cries :') Anyone else play Cocomelon for downtime? He recognizes the intro sound and instantly gets excited!


I always get asked how I'm doing and I always put up a front. I'm okay, but I am not 100%. but I am living in the moment everyday feeling blessed, thankful and grateful that God has me on this earth as a mama. Postpartum is draining, difficult, stressful and by far one of the times of my life I will remember forever. The constant worry of something happening to your baby even in your own arms, the tension and stress between Antonny and I, the lack of sex drive and confidence, the constant self-doubt if I am even cutout to be a mom, wanting to give a good life to my kids, having to cook, clean, eat healthy, planning life events now that things are going back to normal and so so much more; the thoughts are never ending. Postpartum has been a complete eye-opener and it gets easier with time... LOTS of time. I give myself grace everyday, but I also have my days where my anxiety and depression hit so hard. 

I am currently on medication and I have been since February to treat my anxiety and depression. I have felt the difference and have my days where I thrive at anything that happens, but I have my days where I don't eat, I'm crying for no reason and I don't feel like doing anything. It's difficult and it's even more difficult to talk to about. Postpartum is unrelatable if you are not a mama yourself but mental health is universal. Always prioritize yourself and you peace!


Antonny is doing well - he has always wanted to be a father so he is LOVING it. Time with Sebastian means the world to him and there is nothing more precious than seeing Antonny and Sebastian watch soccer together, play together, and seeing them fall asleep together. Postpartum has definitely hit the relationship between us when it comes to communication and all-time high stress levels, but at the end of the day we love our baby boy and the relationship gets stronger everyday. 

Life Updates

We still have the plans to get married May 6th, 2022. We are in the middle of deciding where to have the reception to celebrate with all of our closest friends and family, but even if we have to push that date we still want to get married at the courthouse that day. May 6th, 2022 will be our five year anniversary and that date has a special place in our heart. Antonny and I will not be having a bridal party (thank GOODNESS). Ya girl cannot deal with more stress so we thought it would be best to do another way - we're traveling baby! Finally the world is starting to open up and are so excited to travel! Because of this, we decided to go on special trips with our closest friends. Antonny will be going to Vegas and..... I'll keep the girl trip destination a secret for now. Any guesses? ;)

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I graduated in May with my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, minoring in Marketing. Seven years and some change later, I am finally finished! I have been adapting well in the post-college world but I always have that feeling of need to stress out about something. I do have the plan of going for my masters degree, but after seven years I want to give myself the break I deserve. I want to travel, have more babies, and live life!

As for my occupation, I am a full-time business analyst government contractor. My contract is up for re-bidding in September so I have been planning what my next move will be. We currently cannot change jobs at the moment, so I will have to stick it out if the contract I work for wins the re-bid. I recently started an internship as a social media and content manager with Verte Mode - an authentically curated platform for sustainability! Once the brand launches later this summer, I will transition to a permanent remote position full-time. Gods timing is impeccable and I am so so excited for this new chapter in my life.

We have a couple other things coming up so stay tuned -



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