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When researching for baby monitors for Sebastian, we knew we were looking for certain qualities and specifications in order to monitor every important aspect of our baby's life. To start, we were looking for a device that is user-friendly with every use, that fits our lifestyle as new parents and that can easily transition from our one bedroom apartment to the day we move into our new home and set up Sebastian's nursery. As for specifications, we knew we wanted a device that monitors his sleep patterns, plays music and sound waves, can be used on our apple devices instead of having a seperate display monitor and ensures the safety conditions and environment for the baby. We have our fur babies living with us so safety dectection is key. 


To our surprise, we found the PERFECT baby monitor. The Miku Baby Smart Monitor checks off all of that on our list that we were looking for and so much more. Wearable free and maintenance free, the Miku Baby Smart Monitor works for any age right from your smart phone device. Where we instantly fell in love was with the extra features this device carries. The Miku Baby Monitor tracks real-time respirations per minute (rpm), baby vitals, movement detection in and out of the bassinet, two-way talk from your phone to the device, room temperature tracking, lets you know how long the baby has been sleeping, moving, awake, sends notifications for when the baby wakes up, has a night vision feature and monitors the nursery/room conditions. 


From the moment of unboxing, we felt such an ease and comfort in knowing that we selected the right brand for our baby's safety. The packaging was easy, compact and it contained everything we needed for a successful installation. The welcome instruction manual was very detailed and helped so much when it came to installing. The packaging comes with the user manual, the monitor itself, a pencil, the dock with a leveler where the monitor will be locked into place when screwed into the wall, screws, wall anchors, measuring tape, a screwdriver, wall cord raceways, the power adapter and cable. All items were used in order to install the monitor as well as other tools Antonny has. We recommend having a drill and drill bits on hand to make it easier on making the installation holes in the wall. 

Once the installation was complete, we followed the process with downloading the app and creating our account labeled "Sebastian". Completely free and user-friendly, this was such an easy process to follow which we loved! Once the account was created, the application itself provided further instruction on how to connect the wifi to the app and to the monitor. Literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. In a matter of minutes after installation, we we're up and running to use the baby monitor

In all honestly, the only technical issues we have experienced has been within the app. Sometimes when we close out of the app but keep it in the background, the screen sometimes gets stuck on "connecting to Miku device". This has only happened about twice or three times since we set it up, but it has been resolved and has not happened since. Other than that, there are no other technical or user issues to report. 

We love this new device addition to our home. We plan on getting an iPad when we move into a home to use for bigger open areas to monitor Sebastian whether if it is in the kitchen or living room. We highly rate this baby monitor and hope you all love it just as much as we do!



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