5 Easy Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

It is crazy to think that the holidays are right around the corner!!! Mentally, I am still stuck in March but the calendar is telling me otherwise. Now that Halloween is over, we have Thanksgiving to think about! The holidays will be incredibly different this year with restricted traveling, but that does not mean you can't bring the Thanksgiving feast to your own home! I have combined a few recipes into this blog post that can easily be done at home for your Thanksgiving meal and that I will be cooking myself, even accounting for those amazing leftovers we LOVE. 


I am not a huge fan of Turkey (I also do not know how to cook one myself, yet) but I absolutely LOVE the taste of delicious ham! I have a specific memory of my mom adding on pineapple and maraschino cherries that added that finger-licking, sweet and baked barbeque taste. Ham anyone?



What is a thanksgiving feast without the mash potatoes?! I have learned that this can go about two ways - buy the premade mix and add water or make it from scratch! I have done both and to be completely honest both of them are incredibly delicious. The brand I have used to make pre-packages mash potatoes is Idahoan. They have different flavors added into the mix and all you have to do is boil 2 cups of water per package that will be used and once the water is boiling, remove from the heat and add the contents into the pot. SO EASY!!! I have also linked my go-to mash potato recipe for those who want to do it from scratch - this bad boy never fails to give the best mash potatoes every time. Throw some gravy on it and you got yourself a masterpiece my friends *insert mouth-watering emoji*.



There is something about the smell and crisp feeling of opening up a warm dinner roll or biscuit on Thanksgiving Day that hits the right spot. Bring in the carbs! Last year I made some homemade dinner rolls for a Friendsgiving party and they came out so fluffy and delicious. They were a hit and was one of the items that completed the Thanksgiving feast.



I never envisioned eating pasta for Thanksgiving, but OH MY GOODNESS this is changing the game!!! There are so many way to make pasta but penne alla vodka is my all-time favorite. This adds such a great flavor to the Thanksgiving feast and keeps my belly feeling warm.



As much as we all love the carbs and buttery goodness, we have to think about our greens as well. You can never go wrong with a side dish of green bean casserole, a side of yummy sliced beets, maple bacon carrots, oven-roasted veggies or some lemon butter asparagus!





Normally Antonny and I travel to New Jersey for Thanksgiving to spend it with my family, but this year we are staying in our cozy apartment cooking for us and possibly having my dad over with us! Even for a table for two, this is a loaded Thanksgiving meal to have at the table while talking about the wonderful blessings this year has brought us and what we are thankful for. This year has been tough and we have seen changes in the world we never would have imagined. With the forced growth we have encountered, I pray that each and every one of you overcome any obstacle that you have faced this year. I pray for your happiness, for love, for compassion, for wisdom, and for good health. 

I am thankful for all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! xx


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