What To Expect When You're Expecting: The Second Trimester - Weeks 14 through 27

The anticipation for our baby boy is growing every day along with a roller coaster of emotions. Being first time parents, the second trimester is where it finally starts to hit that it is no longer you and your partner anymore. Check out my first trimester blog post and how it went before reading along. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that we finally announced baby boy's name: Sebastian Amias Echevarria, aka baby bash, sea-bass, sebas! I entered my third trimester on October 18th nervous as hell, but also extremely content and excited that I'll be able to hold baby Sebastian in my arms soon. 


The second trimester was a bit more tough on me, but I knew it was now or never. No pregnancy is easy from what I heard/read and the way the female body receives a baby is different for everyone.

I had a bit more anxiety and depression this time around than in my first trimester. I continued to have the feeling of self-doubt as well as wrapping my mind around the "what if's" and if I will be a good fit as a mother. As a traumatized 24 year old, fighting this battle week after week during pregnancy is tough, but with God's grace I was able to step out of that dark place and find peace. So far, I have not had my anxiety or depression for about two-three weeks (a good indicator for me is that I start to bite my nails). This should always be closely monitored and consulted with a doctor if it worsens.

A few weeks ago, I experienced the worst pain I ever have in this pregnancy and it is common to occur during the second trimester. I felt a numbing and painful feeling in both of my hands, mainly my left, and would have horrible charlie horses on my left calf muscle. I wish someone would have told me that carpel tunnel and nerve pinching was a thing in pregnancy because I would have at least been ready for it. I cried for days in pain trying to find a solution as to how to ease the pain or find some sort of relief. Absolutely NOTHING worked. The more research I did and people I reached out to, the more it seemed that carpel tunnel during pregnancy is one of those things an expecting mom has to go through (if they get it) until it is over. What helped me was an elastic bandage wrap that I purchased at a local drugstore. I consulted with my OB doctor and he suggested to compress my hand and leg by wrapping it in this, not using that hand for several days and not putting any weight on it. Doing exactly that, my hand and leg were starting to feel better in three days. I am blessed that Antonny stayed home those days to help clean around the apartment, wash the dishes, do laundry, and help take care of our fur babies.

Aside from those major symptoms, I continued to experience fatigue, increase in thirst, an increased frequency in urination, inflammation/throbbing of my lady parts and an increase in appetite.


In the second trimester, the anatomy ultrasound is done to view all major body parts and organs of the baby. Baby Sebastian has all of his limbs, toes and fingers. He has a healthy heartbeat and all major organs are developing great. I continued to ask questions if I was curious so feel free to ask all he questions you want at every visit - it is better to be informed than ignorant when it comes to your baby.

The second trimester is also a beautiful time as this could be where you find our the gender! If the blood test for the gender is not completed in one of your first appointments, you can wait until your appointment in the fifth or sixth month ultrasound to find out. 

Between 24 to 28 weeks, the glucose screening is completed to measure the glucose levels and see if you are at a high risk or low risk for diabetes. This is a one-hour test, a three-hour test or both that is performed at the OB office so bring a good book or something to pass the time. Remember the increase in thirst and urination symptoms? I had my glucose screening done at 24 weeks and unfortunately, I failed the one-hour test and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes that can develop during pregnancy and affects how your cells use the sugar in your body. Growing a baby inside makes the body work harder to support the baby. As the hormones in the placenta help the baby grow, it also stops the production of insulin going to the mama. The pancreas is what secretes insulin so with a growing baby, this makes the pancreas work harder. This article from The American Diabetes Association goes more in depth with gestational diabetes: 


With gestational diabetes, my blood sugar levels can go back to normal after delivery. For now, I have to measure my sugar levels four times a day, eat a healthy high fiber diet that is low in carbs and fats, portioning my meals, keeping active with daily exercising and maintaining a healthy weight. All the sugar and carbs consumed can go straight to the baby (baby rolls are cute, but not when the baby is gaining weight the wrong way) and make delivery a little more complicating. As of now, Sebastian weighs 2 pounds and 4 ounces which is 5 days ahead of schedule weight wise. 

Within weeks 14 through 27, you will see you belly bump start to form its shape, feel some tightness in your abdomen known as Braxton-Hicks contractions, skin changes, nasal problems such as a stuffy and/or runny nose, dental related issues such as sensitive and bleeding gums, vaginal discharge, an increase in body odor as the hormones affect your sweat glands (I take a body shower everyday). 

We are slowly coming to the finish line and from here until the due date, it is so important for me to take care of myself and my body so that I can have a safe and healthy delivery. We are so ecstatic to meet our baby boy! We have been prepping for his arrival with getting his bassinet, closet, and changing area ready. We are now starting on getting the hospital bag ready in the event of having to be induced early. I ask for your prayers as Antonny and I continue this journey into parenthood and so that baby bash can live a healthy, happy life. 

Until the next update - the delivery experience!


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