8 Fashion Tips for Chic Maternity Style

Looking like a fashion icon with a belly bump does not have to be expensive or complicated! 
I love all things fashion and ever since I started not fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothing, I knew I had to step up my wardrobe game the smart way. There are so many stores like Storq and BLANQI that have such a great selection of clothing pieces, but the price tag just isn't appealing AT ALL. With a baby on the way, having to get things in order for their arrival and having a pregnant tummy for a small amount of time, it does not make sense to spend hundreds of dollars on clothing you will only wear for nine months. I have been styling so many pieces I already had and pieces I have thrifted/purchased for a good price since the bump made its appearance - check out my Instagram for some pregnant style inspiration!

Here are seven tips to achieve a chic maternity wardrobe and to being a stylish momma!


The best way to save money and time on shopping is to use what you already have! The clothes in your closet can work for about the first two-three months. This is during the first trimester which is also when pregnancy symptoms are at its worst and the LAST thing you want to worry about is if your clothes are going to fit when going through the pregnancy nausea. I have always loved keeping my wardrobe filled with essentials and pieces I can use on the daily. You can still style a cute over-sized t-shirt with leggings and slip-ons! Throw on a jean jacket, some cute accessories and you have yourself an outfit! To dress up a t-shirt, some slacks/dress pants or layering with a flowy dress can make for a comfortable yet chic look. 


At some point in your pregnancy, you will enter the Spring, Summer and/or Fall months - this is the time to take advantage of dresses! They make for a comfortable outfit and you can find dresses that are casual or for dressing up. I have had my days where I honestly walk around the condo naked because I am not in the mood to wear leggings or pajamas. Dresses make for the best daily wear during these months, just make sure to have you belly support band underneath to keep the shape of the belly. When I want to look a little extra and fancy, my favorite dresses have been the bodycon fit. It accentuates the belly beautifully and is the perfect style to dress up or down. 


Whenever I have been shopping for maternity clothes, I have sized up each time. With the increase in breast size, the weight gain and the eating, you will definitely not be fitting into your regular size clothing. Sizing up saves you multiple trips to the store and multiple returns to online boutiques. When it comes to fabric, look for pieces that will stretch comfortably to fit your baby bump. For any material that does not stretch, go one or two sizes up.


If you feel like you cannot find anything in your favorite store that will look right on you will a belly bump, that's okay and its totally normal! My favorite and secret weapon is thrifting. I have always been an advocate for sustainability with practicing the" reduce, reuse, recycle" method and thrifting is the BEST way to find your maternity clothing. So many mommas out there have donated their clothes to local Goodwill's Salvation Army's and other thrifting locations to help those who might need this type of clothing. I like to shop at thrifting locations in the nicer parts of Maryland, Virginia, D.C and Pennsylvania. Doing this allows more variety and a better chance at finding great brands. I have found pieces from Loft, Calvin Klein, Motherhood Maternity (an well-known and expensive maternity brand) and Neiman Marcus all while following tip number three in sizing up!


I have certain tastes and liking to my style. Minimal, modern, boho chic and sometimes a little bougie, I like to treat myself to a timeless piece of clothing or dress every now and then. I recently purchased a dress from JLUXLABEL and I am obsessed! The fabric is perfect, it fits around my baby bump beautifully and I know I will be able to wear this post-partum. So that I am also not spending too much, I treat myself to one clothing piece to purchase every paycheck. I also look to see where online stores offer AfterPay when I purchase more than two pieces. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then, especially when it comes to looking good while pregnant! It is such a confidence booster when you feel great with your baby bump.


Three inches or less on heels will be a fashion life saver for you momma-to-be's. I have always been a huge fan of block heels. Since becoming pregnant, that is all I have been wearing when I go out for dinner or to take pictures. They are not too high, not too low if you are going to for a dressier look depending on the occasion, and they overall just look great on anyone! Three inches is the MAX I can walk in even before pregnancy so I have a good variety of these types of shoes in my closet already. Keeping it simple, I have these types of shoes in all neutral colors so they can go with any outfit. It is not advisable to wear kitten heels, stilettos and wedge heels when pregnant as this can cause blood clots and can cause some serious problems for you and your baby long term. When wearing heels, ensure that you are taking lots of breaks with sitting down, taking them off for a bit then putting them back on and carrying an extra pair of shoes to opt out the heels like flat shoes and sandals. 


Details will always matter with every outfit. Lace up shoes, a small or an over-sized bag, hair braids/hairstyles, adding a hat, layering necklaces, accent rings and earrings, details and prints on a clothing item, fabrics like lace and satin, the color of your nail polish, sunglasses - the list goes on and on. But the BEST accessory is that baby bump! Don't be afraid to accessorize your outfit! This can make for such a great timeless outfit that will catch everyone's attention. You wear the accessories, the accessories do not wear you. Show off the baby bump girl and have the confidence that you look beautiful doing so.


I have been growing my lifestyle platform for over a year now, but when I did this I was thinking long-term in every aspect. I was not expecting to have a baby as soon as I did, but Gods timing was so right because He placed some great brands in my path that reached out to collaborate on maternity clothing. I recently collaborated with Pink Blush Maternity and received clothing items that are high-quality, versatile and great for all seasons. They have a regular clothing line known as Pink Blush and I have always been a fan of their clothing. I also work with Express on a monthly basis and receive clothing pieces from them that I size up on! Partnering with a maternity brand holds a special memory! 

Show me your stylish outfits mamas! Wear it with confidence and know that you will be radiating with that pregnancy glow!


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