How to Batch Content for my Blog and Instagram

Batching content is not impossible!
Quarantine, day 20! I use Instagram almost every day to continue my engagement, find new recipes, try new Tik Tok dances and get some laughs in throughout my teleworking days. With that, I have been asked how I have content to post. The secret is batching! Batching content in the blogger world means a collection of content that is produced at the same time. Here is how I batch my content in and out of quarantine!

Early Birds Get the Worm

Pre-quarantine, I did not stop my routine in batching content. Every Saturday or Sunday Morning, I wake up before sunrise to get ready, grab my luggage of clothes, my tripod and go batch content. I plan the locations and pack my luggage throughout the week or the Friday before so I have an idea on what theme I'm going for when taking my content pictures. Avoiding crowds is KEY to getting the best shots hence the early mornings! Waking up earlier also gives me a chance to take advantage of my full day and get some grocery shopping done after my shoots and run any necessary errands. 

Packing Multiple Outfits and Props

On average, I carry between 3-5 outfits for every shoot. THIS is how I batch content and like I mentioned previously, I plan these outfits throughout the week or the Friday before to really think about everything I want to wear and bring along. The secret to planning outfits is switching up the little details; adding a purse or changing accessories, changing your lip color, changing your top or bottoms, a different hairstyle, or a pair of shoes. With switching up the little details, make sure to CAPTURE close ups of them aside from getting a full-body pic. If you look at my Instagram feed, I love adding filler pictures that I take to add details and aesthetic to my page!

The Perfect Tripod

I wanted to add this in here because I get questions on who takes my pictures especially at the angle I take some of them! If I don't give credit to the person who took my pictures in the caption, I took the picture myself with my tripod and Bluetooth remote. I have the Fugetek Tripod from Amazon - super inexpensive and works so good! I do not have a professional camera (yet) so for now I use my iPhone X for all my pictures.

Quarantine Ideas!

It may seem hard to get content during this quarantine and to have a photo-shoot at home but the only hard thing is to batch content. My creativity has sparked while on quarantine and I have been on a kick with being at home and taking pictures. You also have the chance to explore your neighborhood and see what you find, just remember to stay six feet from anyone around you! Here are some ideas on what kind of at-home content you can catch!

  • mirror selfie
  • ootd
  • telework ootd
  • lounge ootd
  • outfits video
  • new hairstyle post or video
  • at-home meal/recipes
  • teleworking desk area
  • fur babies
  • skincare products
  • self care routine
  • bathtub pictures
  • milk baths
  • nails picture
  • photo-shoot on your balcony
  • hang a cloth backdrop on a wall and take pictures there
  • use plants and props you have at home
  • cooking with me video
  • what's in my closet
  • makeup tutorial
  • makeup look of the day
  • lounging on the couch
  • laying in bed with your favorite book
  • closet purge
  • organization
  • DIY
  • get creative with flowers and makeup
  • before's and afters
  • carousel post on what you do in a day
  • taking pictures with different poses
  • ootd at the stop sign
  • favorite quarantine products
  • personal workout routine
  • week in my life
  • healthy recipes 
  • what you have been eating during quarantine
  • flatlay of products, jewelry or any of your favorites

Let me know if you have any ideas I have not mentioned! I hope you all and your families are well and healthy during this difficult time. Feel free to reach out for great conversations and to connect!
Stay positive, spread love. xx

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