Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Knowing the people you are close with and knowing what they like will help with choosing out a gift, but what if you already

For the Women

1. Dainty, Everday Jewelry.

I don't know about other women, but I have never been a fan of the cheesy heart shaped jewelry. Dainty necklaces, pearls watches and small earring studs are perfect to get an everyday use out of them. Mejuri is one of my favorite jewelry brands and they have so many options for necklaces and earrings for everyday wear! Another one of my favorite brands is Joeluc. An idea is getting a personalized piece where it can have the first letter of their name or the first letter of a significant other!

2. The Perfect at Home Spa Kit

Women love having time to relax but in order to do so, they need the proper pampering package. Gather all things spa in a basket that women love! Surround a running bath with rose petals, rose essential oil and lights a few candles. Have a book, a robe, chocolate, some face masks, moisturizers, exfoliators, lavender essence, bubble bath soap and a sleeping mask so she can relax for the rest of the evening.

3. The Perfect Picture Collage or Anything Handcrafted

We love pictures and most importantly we love pictures with who we love most! Create a collage DIY project of matching picture frames with your favorite photos or you can purchase a photo collage already together! These make lovely gifts and can be a blast looking at pictures from a long time ago. Sharing memories and reminiscing on Valentine's Day is a beautiful thing. Another cute DIY is making a pillow with no sewing needed! Get some fabric glue, a pretty fabric, and fabric paint or a fabric marker! You can paint on the words "love you forever" or "love you 3000" (let me know if you get my reference).

4. Make It Funny!

This can be for men and women, but I have always seen socks, shirts, pajama pants and even underwear that are custom to have the face of a significant other or a friend! This can always be a funny detail for anyone and a good laugh is always needed! I definitely recommend

5. Edible Arrangements

Gifts don't always have to be materialistic! Chocolate covered strawberries, bananas, pineapples and apples have got to be the tastiest desserts ever for Valentine's Day. I definitely would not mind eating a sweet treat, a glass of wine in hand and in great company. Even breakfast in bed can be a great gift! Make some yummy brunch with mimosas to celebrate the morning of.

For the Men

Whether if it is a facial trimmer, a hair trimmer or a styling kit, men appreciate the thought of having them look good with a fresh cut. Antonny loves when he gets his haircut and sometimes, we even do it at home for those in-between days! He also loves using his trimmer to touch up on his facial hair for a clean look. Throw in some good hair products like hair paste, dry shampoo and styling creams!

2. A New Wallet

An update on the wallet is never a bad thing. Especially with the normal wear and tear that comes from a wallet you use everyday, all men will surely appreciate a new wallet. Neutral colors like black and brown are always a good look.

3. Personalized Items

We carry our keys everywhere and on the hardest days on their way home from work, our men are ready to be home in the comfort of those around them. Antonny drives every day for four hours, sometimes even six and comes home exhausted! I found the perfect key chain on Amazon that says "Drive Safe, I need you here with me" and it is the perfect reminder for him to make it through the day. Amazon also has key chains for dads and siblings and friends! There are also markets online that sell personalized Air-pod cases, key-holders and jewelry boxes to put their watches. 

4. For Smelling Good

Smelling good is always what guys love! Gift them a gift basket of cologne, men's body spray, and men's body wash and shampoo and conditioner! Guys will definitely love that they can stock up for a bit longer when they are gifted this basket!

5. Tech Savvy with a side of Happy

Nothing makes men crazier then technology. You can give the gift of organizing with a nice docking station to put on the nightstand! They can put their watch, phone, and other tech essentials they use everyday! I gifted Antonny one that charged his Apple watch and his Phone and it worked so well. A wireless charger is also a great gift for anyone so they can have their phone close to them or for their desk at work.


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