The Perfect New Years Recap & Resolutions

This past year was the year for growth and I feel like as young professionals, we know when it's life and God saying "it's time to grow".
First things first, Gabopicasso was born this year and I could not be anymore grateful for the opportunities, experiences and doors that have opened in such a short amount of time! In nine months, I grew my platform for beauty, fashion and lifestyle and ever since my baby went live, I have partnered with 17 brands -  A COMPLETE BLESSING. Every day, I feel blessed that this is a part of my life now and that I am living through my passions by helping others while still learning new things myself. All I ever ask is for God to guide me in the right direction and to continue to grow as human and blogger. 

Even though this was probably the roughest year for Antonny and I, this was what we needed to grow as partners and as individuals. Our mindsets are in a completely different place compared to when we met and this year was the year we realized we want to be grow with each other, for each other. Living together has it's ups and downs and all couples will go through arguments, getting to know each others habits, financial struggles and make mistakes but one this is for sure, the love for one another grows stronger every day. I can definitely say that our love has been tested - we have cried together, we have prayed together and we have learned to let God take control of our most difficult moments. I am so grateful to have such a humble, caring, loving and patient man by my side when I fall asleep and when I wake up. Bebe, if you are reading this, thank you for loving me and working hard every day to provide for Tawindo, Doug and I. We love you more than you will ever know.

My anxiety and depression is the third thing I am grateful for. Yes... I am grateful for it because with the strong support system that I have at home and from my friends, I grow stronger every day. Every year, it's a process and this year I can say it I have overcome much of my anxiety.

In September of this year, Antonny and I were supposed to go on a trip to Barcelona and France. This trip got cancelled due to not being financially stable and that is precisely why I am okay that the trip did not work out. When things are not in God's will, He makes it known. This trip we had planned was something we were not ready for and a week or two before, God told us not to go. From this trip, Antonny and I re-evaluated where we were in life and and where we want to be. We knew things needed to change and within that time we could have been on a trip, Antonny built up his home improvement company and scored a $15,000 job. I landed a business analyst position for the Department of Health and Human Services, a position I thought would not be possible until 5-7 years but here I am, with no experience and still in college for my bachelor's. Long story short is if you listen to God, He always has something ready for you when you least expect it. 

My goals for this year include growth, becoming financially stable, finishing what is to be my last year of my bachelors degree, live in the moments and live less for worries. I plan to knock out my $5,000 credit card debit and as of now, I have already put a good dent in it. I plan to live for the moments of laughter and happiness with my closest friends and family. I plan to make more time for my family in New Jersey because precious moments only last so long. I plan to grow in my relationship with Antonny and continue to be the best woman that I can be for him and for our household. I plan to knock out all of my classes so I can show my parents that everything they worked hard for when they came into this country is in their hands 24 years later, hand them my degree and say "this is for you". I plan to make myself a priority always and to make myself proud. I also pray that all of this be in God's will. My parents always taught me to stress less and leave it all in God's hands. So from here, I will watch Him work at His own pace and when He believes I am ready, He will place what He wants for me in my path with ease.

I don't know why and maybe it is just me getting all sensitive and soft, but there is something magical that gives hope in watching the year change, watching the ball drop, watching the clock hit 12, watching everyone hug each other saying "Happy New Year"... I find so much hope and peace in knowing that New Years Eve is the time to let everything toxic stay and to have a fresh start. It's such a breath of fresh air and it's a second chance to live in all that you have created.

I wish for all of you to have a happy, prosperous and successful 2020.
May God protect you, keep you safe, happy, fulfilled, and bless you with anything you may need. Thank you for all of your continuous support this year and the Gabopicasso family will only continue to grow.


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