How to Create a Gallery Art Wall

Let's face it, wall decorating is probably the hardest part when moving into a new place.
Antonny and I have slowly been adding wall decor since we moved into our apartment in Summer 2018. Truth is, it takes a while to settle in and figure out what you like! Aside from holiday decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's also hard finding the right wall decor pieces to fill in all that empty wall space so it will look great year-round. Being a lover of all forms of art, I knew I wanted to have my own gallery art wall in our home. I have had my eye on 
If you want to update your wall decor or create a gallery art wall, this blog post is for you!

1. Choose a location for the Gallery Art Wall

I have had this big empty wall space where our dining table sits and we never knew what to hang up. Choosing one of the biggest walls in your home that does not have much already on it can so much potential for a gallery art wall! Also, any wall space that looks like it needs to be filled in can be of great use for a couple prints.

2. Selecting your prints and frames

I already had a rectangular wall art piece in a soft wood color that says "thankful, grateful, blessed" and I wanted to incorporate this into the gallery wall art layout. I have partnered up with

3. Deciding on the layout

When deciding on the art gallery wall layout, you must look to see what will compliment each other. This also means if you will have other decor or furniture pieces around the wall, you want to compliment those as well. With the prints already inserted into the frames, layout all the frames onto the floor, move them around and play with the way they are positioned. If you have more items you want to hang up, now would be the best time to include them in the layout! I also like to draw a sketch after I figure out what layout I like to have a rough draft reference before nailing them up. Once you have decided on a layout, go ahead and hang them up on the wall with the appropriate nails and screws for pictures. You can find these at

If you struggled like me in finding wall decor prints,
Happy wall decorating!



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