5 Tips for Beginner Bloggers & Micro-Influencers

Throughout this whole experience this year, I have learned what mindset I should have in order to start a blog, the approach on brands, and the importance of authenticity. 
If you are thinking about starting a blog or have recently launched your blog, these beginner blogger tips are for you.

1. Do NOT start a blog (or any platform) for financial or materialistic gain.

I started my blog and converted my platform as a way of self-expression, not with the intention of any financial or materialistic gain. I knew I eventually wanted to monetize my blog but this was a long-term goal looking ahead in 3-5 years. I have been writing poetry, thoughts and ideas since middle school and never did I think that I would have started a blog. Starting 2019, I began posting things about skincare and beauty and it got such great feedback because others were struggling with the same things. From then on, I knew I wanted to build my platform to start helping people in the daily things I go through as a young adult in my 20's and share bits and pieces of my life to inspire others. Going in with the mindset of making money and focusing on getting free products to show on social media is not a humble approach to start out in the blogger world and believe me, brands will see right through you. Let the collaborations and brands come to you at the right moment! 

2. "Finding your Niche"

I have read so many "how to start a blog for beginner bloggers" pages about finding your niche. Some bloggers are strictly fashion, some are beauty, some are lifestyle and some are travel. But what about for those like myself that love all of those? Your blog is exactly that, YOUR blog. You can create content for absolutely anything! I always think to never limit myself to one thing because expanding within that one niche can eventually get full. To give you an idea on expanding, Gabopicasso is about anything and everything fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, travel, self-care and now blogging tips! Limiting yourself to one of those niche's can feel like you are limited to blog posts. Instead of creating, you are finding yourself looking for blog topics to write and essentially copying other bloggers content, which brings me to number three. 

3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

I would be lying if I said I never looked at a blogger or influencer and compared myself to them. How they pose in pictures, aesthetic themes and presets, or even how they physically look in comparison to me. Sure,

4. Focus on Creating Real and Authentic Content

Content is such an important aspect that keeps all of your platforms afloat and is crucial prior to any collaborations with brands. Having high-quality and

5. Authentically and Organically Engage with your Audience 

I am the type of blogger/micro-influencer that does not care about how many followers I have but unfortunately, it is something that comes along with being a blogger/micro-influencer that I

Be authentic, be yourself and have fun with it! Eventually your blog or platform will become a side hustle but in the mean time, focus on growing as a person and as a blogger. So many benefits come out of starting a blog and one of my favorite ones is becoming a better version of myself, for myself. 

Happy Blogging, Babes!


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