10 Ways to Stay Organized for the New Year

Happy 2020! New Year, New & Fresh Ideas to Stay Organized!
With the new year upon us, it's time to get out s*** together and make a couple new years resolutions. One major resolution for 2020 that will always need improvement is how I can stay organized and have a less-cluttered lifestyle.

1. Making my Bed First Thing in the Morning

It's so easy to get up from bed and leave everything in shambles but it's so hard to take five minutes to fix it up!! I have noticed that when I wake up just a bit earlier than my alarm, I have the chance to make my bed and leave everything nice and organized. This gets my day going and feeling productive from the moment I wake up. Also, this is such a relief when I come home after a long day and knowing I don't have to do it! 

2. Meal Prepping and Gym Love

Meal prepping and staying healthy is another goal of mine this year. I want to get back into eating healthy and I would like to cut out dairy from my diet (where is my lactose intolerant fam at?). Meal prepping and drinking the required ounces of water for my body makes me feel like I

3. New Years Cleaning Anyone?

Out with the old and in with the new! Re-organizing and doing some deep cleaning around the house is such a satisfying feeling. I like to start the new year by decluttering all the items we have outgrown or that we will no longer have use for and throw out the items that didn't make it to the new year in one piece. I also like to clean and re-organize all the cabinets because they

4. Reversing your Worst Habits

Some of my worst habits include not hanging my clothes up after trying them on, not folding laundry right after taking it out of the dryer or sometimes leaving it in the washer overnight, nail-biting (hello, anxiety) and leaving the dishes in the sink pile up. Definitely have to stop these habits of mine! Instead of adding gas to the fire, I can slowly start tackling one by one so I can make organization in each one of these areas a habit!

5. Clean Car, Please!

No one really thinks about this one but keeping your car clean can really have an affect on your mood. The difference going into your car to a chaotic mess and car closet compared to coming into a clean car that smells good is insane! Taking the time to show love to the things that I work hard for is something I want to work on this year.

6. Living Less with the Internet and Living More for the Moments

Staying organized in my personal life includes not being on my phone too much, if that makes sense. There are so many other things I can get accomplished that are mentioned in this blog post if I avoid being on my phone so much. I also want to do this because

7. Making a Schedule for Chores

Our lives can get so hectic and for me, I get super stressed out when I know I have to come home and [attempt to] do the dishes, clean the kitchen, clean the bedroom, take Doug on a walk, feed the kids (Tawindo and doug) and everything else that needs attention. Splitting the chores into a daily schedule between you and the person you are living with will help so much in keeping your place organized and guaranteed everything will be done. Things get finished so much faster when there is more than one set of hands helping!

8. Keeping My Planner Up to Date

With a new year comes new plans! First and foremost, having a planner is CRUCIAL in adulthood and helps keep your plans in order. Maintaining a social life, personal life, a blog and school work can get very intense and overwhelming for me. A planner for my social, personal and school life has helped with keeping my schedule in good standing and making sure I don't plan multiple things in one day. I also have been using the Lovet Agency Blog Planner for my content and blog posts. This has helped so much with keeping my blog ideas separate from my personal planner. Having these planners have improved my organization so much with staying on top of anything that has a deadline and any plans I have made, which leads to number nine.

9. Learning to Say "NO"

Believe it or not, learning how to say "no" can keep you organized financially. If you have goals to save up for something, to pay off some debt or to invest your money in something else, this is where saying "no" is important for you. Committing to an overwhelming amount of engagements and commitments is not only

10. Self-Care and Mental Health

I saved the best for last. Self-care and mental health are


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