How to Style for Fall

No matter how much clothes I seem to own, styling is always the tricky part. What top goes good with what pants or jeans, what's the style scheme for the OOTD, what style of accessories am I going for and what style of shoe will look right.... so much to think about in just one outfit am I right?!
Us women L-O-V-E purchasing new clothes and going shopping online or in-store, but we never seem to know how to style what we buy. That's why I'm here today! Let's start with the perfect fall colors, types of fabrics and prints to style some of my favorite pieces with you!

When getting dressed, I either start out with either a top or if I happen to have an article of clothing that is new/I have been wanting to wear, I'll use that piece as the focal point of the outfit. Colors, prints and fabrics for fall can make such a difference to your outfit. Keeping a cohesive color scheme all throughout will help you look put together and polished instead of overcrowded. Mustard yellow, greens, browns, black, whites, dark reds and burgundy are perfect colors for the fall time. I like to think of fabrics as little statement pieces to an outfit and you can go from conservative, to dainty, to a little sexy depending on the occasion. Cotton, knit, velvet and cashmere type of fabrics are great if you want to stay warm this fall season! Silk, leather, mesh and satin look so elegant any time of the year. These types of fabrics are great for date nights as well as my favorite fabric, lace! Lace fabric is super dainty but releases a sexy side of you that you probably didn't think you had - every woman has a sexy side and with lace. I always feel so empowered and goddess like! Lastly, PRINTS! Plaid, British plaid, gingham, houndstooth and tweed fabric looks so sophisticated with solid colors or matching sets! A second style of print is our good old snakeskin and itis here to stay! Snake print designs come in mauve browns and blacks which are perfect for fall! Snake print is such a staple piece in your wardrobe and it does not even have to be a piece of clothing! This prints comes in shoes, bags and accessories for an extra POP, giving a daring look to your outfit. Last but not least, florals. Not just your regular florals, but the busy and dark floral clothing pieces where it makes it a little fun to style. I partnered up with Luna Boutique located in Bethesda, Maryland to bring you some outfit inspirations for the fall time, incorporating prints, fabrics and colors!

Styling outfits is about expressing yourself, but putting pieces together is the hardest part. I like to make sure my closet has ALL the essentials that I know I will wear and need. This means a good diverse shoe selection, accessory selection, shirts, pants/jeans, skirts, etc. This gives you more options to choose from and if one item does not go with what you want to wear, something else will. 

Step 1: Choose a color palette you are going/feeling for that day or occasion.
Neutrals, monochrome, a bold color for the focal point of an outfit, or a pattern/print can be your main focus for an outfit

Step 2: Start with a piece of clothing you really want to wear or something you haven't worn yet. Revolve the outfit around that piece. 
This could be a bold sweater, statement shoes, jacket or a printed cardigan like pictures above!

Step 3: Try on different options! It doesn't hurt to see what matches together and what compliments each other!
To stay organized, right after I try something on I hang it right back up before trying on another item. I used to be the type to throw it on the bed if it was not an option to wear.

Step 4. Shoes that compliment the outfit, not ruin it.
I like to have different shoe options because you would be surprised what kind of shoe goes good with an outfit. This means good options for sneakers, flats, heels, boots, etc. 

Step 5: My favorite part - Accessorizing!
Hats, necklaces, a simple bag, a belt, bracelets, headbands - all of these are perfect examples of using accessories to your advantage with any outfit. A simple hat or headband like in the pictures above can make an outfit stand out more than you think!

Let me know if these tips helped with styling some of your outfits! I would love to see some pictures of what you created :)


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