How to Look Chic and Professional at the Office

We know the rule - business casual five days a week or for some job locations, casual Friday's with jeans and a t-shirt. Whether if it is sitting in a cubicle for eight hours a day, attending meetings, filing paperwork, submitting cases, those who go in office like myself, looking presentable and professional on the daily is crucial to start off your work day!

Kitten Heels

I have never been one to wear heels to work often. I always stuck to my regular flats and mules but lately I have found a secret weapon to make any plain outfit a little more dressy - the kitten heel. A kitten heel ranges from 1.5" to 1.75" and can come in different heel styles like a block heel or small stiletto. These heels can transition any outfit from casual to dressy! During the colder months, I like to stick to the closed toe just so my feet don't get cold. The kitten heel is great to walk around the office in compared to those 4 inch bad boys (save those for the clubs ladies). I have seen the neutral essential kitten heel colors like nude and black, but also the more daring and bold colors/patterns like snakeskin, yellows, metallic and my favorite, the leopard print!


You can never go wrong with a fitted blazer! The most basic yet most wearable essential, you can add a blazer with ANY outfit and turn it into a business chic look. I like to pair my blazers with tops and dresses that have straps to them so bodysuits, tank tops, spaghetti straps, etc. This keeps the outfit looking sleek and not having so much fabric bunched up. A pleasing aesthetic of mine is matching sets with the blazer and pants. Fitted suits look so professional and attractive on women in my opinion. I paired this burnt orange blazer (originally from H&M but I thrifted this for $7) with an all black outfit so the blazer can be the focal point.


I have a few handful of dresses and skirts that seem like they are meant for just summer or a summer occasion. Layering will be your best friend as you can simply add a comfy sweater and some tights to a dress or skirt that isn't suitable to show bare skin for Fall and Winter. When putting away those summer clothes in storage bins, take a good look at some of your items to see if you can re-purpose them into a cute winter outfit. I paired a black square neck dress with a royal blue sweater and it looks like I am wearing a skater skirt! I also paired this with tights that have a diamond design to give the outfit some depth. Adding thicker tights for the winter months will help with keeping warm on your way. I tend to wear a dress once a week so stocking up on dress pants is a must! For a bit of sass, the leopard kitten heels paired so well with this look!

Don't Be Afraid to Play With Patterns and Fabrics!

Playing with colors, patterns and fabrics can make your outfit look super chic. Check out my recent blog post on

Happy Hour, anyone? 


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