The Perfect Mother's Day

Our nurturers. Our providers. Our comfort.
Let me start this post by saying Happy (early) Mother's Day to all the mothers around the world. All the things women overall endure throughout a lifetime - it's challenging, and yet we always find a way to look at the positive side.
To the mothers, soon-to-be-mothers, mothers of cats or dogs or any another other loving pet, always know that you are powerful, selfless, filled with compassion and love. Being a mother is not something that has to be by blood. It's about the unity, the connection, the love, being supportive, patient and accepting of all things one does. I am not a mother, but I have been incredibly blessed that God gave me a mom He created just for me to learn from her, grow as a woman and to hopefully, one day, become a mother myself. Here's to The Perfect Mother's Day.
Mother's love feeling loved. Being surrounded by their kids, husbands/significant others, close friends and family - it all means more to them than we know. Three key elements to keep in mind for your mother to feel like it is the perfect Mother's Day are simple:

I feel like this is so important because I would be lying if I said I never rushed to get my mom a last minute gift or gave her something that was not of her interest. Life happens, yes.
But you only have one mother.
And moments like these are what she will want to remember for the rest of her life. This does not mean shower your mom with gifts. Instead, a nice gesture with her favorite flowers, taking her somewhere she has been wanting to go to, schedule a spa treatment, take her to the beach or small vacation (every mom loves the beach and feeling relaxed), doing something of her interest whether if she likes to cook or paint or do crafting, or something either of you have not done! Family pictures or even doing a photo-shoot just for her! Mother's love feeling young and fierce no matter what age! I always say its the little things that mean the most and go a long way and it's all about spending time together on a special day, which brings me to number two.

2. Quality time is soimportant!!!!
That old cliche saying of quality over quantity, yeah that applies here too. For Mother's Day, don't rush the day to get it over with or because you have somewhere else to be or you want to do something else. BE PRESENT and You never know what this year will bring, so make each moment count! This also applies to everyday life, not just the holidays. Especially us young adults - we are all grown up and have our own apartment, job, and personal life to take care of, family is always a priority in my eyes. Finding that balance to include spending time with your family is healthy and will always keep you close. I visit my mom every Friday since I no longer live in the same city as her and with that time, we catch up on the latest chismes (gossip), talk about how our weeks were and I also help her clean a commercial building so that the ending of her week is not as hectic. I look forward to every Friday because I know that is OUR time. There is nothing better than spending quality mother-daughter time or mother-son time.

3. Treat your mother asif it were Mother's Day, every day

As humans, we tend to not notice when we take the little things for granted. Like the love someone has for us, the small things someone gives or says just because they wanted to, the "good morning", "good night" and "I love you" texts. I appreciate my mom every day and pray to God that He continues to take care of her, bless her and provide for her and her family. Whenever I visit my mom, she always has something for me and it always comes from the goodness of her heart. The amount of times my mom has bought me clothes because she thought it would look great on me or I have said "nothing fits me anymore" or "I don't have any clothes to wear", the amount of times my mom came to the rescue when I didn't have any food to eat when I started living on my own, the amount of times my mom came to drop soup off because I was sick... all of those thank you's, hugs and kisses I gave in return do not suffice the amount of gratitude and appreciation I have for her. I always call my mom beautiful because that's
I love living in those moments with her too.

Over the years, I have come to learn more about my mom everyday; what she enjoys doing in her spare time, what she's passionate about, what makes her happy, what makes her laugh and all the cracks in between. One thing for sure is I have never met a more hardworking-woman in my life. A devoted Christian wife who actively participates in church, has her own cleaning company and her own event decorating company?! She is super-woman in my eyes and she inspires me more than she knows to become exactly that. Coming here at a young age, my mom left her family in Guatemala to provide for her own here in the United States. Ever since, she has not only been nurturing to my sister and I even at 25 and 22 years old present time, but she has always made sure to put us first and that we are showered with her love. I can't ever see my life without her. Our plans this Mothers Day is actually really exciting! My grandma (my mom's mother) is coming from Guatemala in the beginning of May - just in time for Mother's Day! I have never had the chance to spend time with my grandma for mothers day and since we don't see each other often, my sister and I definitely want to make this a memorable one. We want to take my mom and grandma on a trip to DC, take pictures, have a cute lunch in the city and just enjoy the day in each others company! I would love to hear all the plans my readers have with their momma's!
Let's keep in touch :)


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