The Perfect Fall Sunday

Self-care Sundays is more than just your regular face masks and Netflix during the colder months. I don't know what it is but there is something about Fall that has me at an all time high. Although you can do so many activities during the summer, you can't do some Fall specific activities in the summer without being frowned upon or it is simply just not available. There is magic within each season and it starts with Fall in my opinion! Here are some of my favorite things to do that I make a part of my routine to (pumpkin) spice up my Sundays!
1. Make a Well-Deserved Sunday Breakfast
Every morning I like to wake up my body with a cold glass of water so this applies for my Sundays as well. An hour or two later of doing my morning routine is when I get REALLY hungry. After a week of running late, meal prepping, happy hours, making week long breakfasts and being late because you cannot walk into work without a coffee in hand, you deserve a home-cooked, fresh breakfast to kick start your day! During the warmer months, I always like to eat something cold and refreshing like yogurt, strawberries and granola. For Fall and Winter, something hot always keeps me energized and my tummy warm. My first recipe is rolled oats cooked in almond milk, a bit of pumpkin spice, a bit of cinnamon, with apples, blueberries and/or gala apples. My second recipe is my all time favorite - eggs whites on whole grain toast with avocado. The warmth of the avocado between the toast and fresh egg whites is super yummy! I add a pinch of salt and some cilantro for taste. For drinks, making an at home pumpkin spice latte is such a great way to ring in the Fall season whether if you like it iced or hot. If you aren't a coffee drinker, water or freshly squeezed orange juice is such a staple to breakfast meals. If you are feeling a little daring and want to get buzzed at home with bae on a Sunday, you can never go wrong with some mimosas or apple cider mimosas for the season (my faavvv)!
2. Making Time for Family
Making time for family has always been a priority for me. If I am not able to make it out to see my mom, dad and sister during the week or on Saturday, I use my Sundays to call them and catch up. We do not live in the same city but I make a visit every Friday to see my parents - I am always missing them! For those who live with their family, enjoy the day with them! Plan an activity or simply just be lazy all together at home, which brings me to number three
3. Plan An Activity
Weekends in the Fall time are golden! Those crisp 60 degree sunny weather days are my absolute favorite and you will definitely be catching me outside. I like looking to see what is going on in my area so I don't have to travel far. During the fall months, there is so much to do in the Montgomery County and D.C area. Planning a family activity, a day with bae or a day with some friends can give yourself a break from being at home all day if you have an itch to do something. Visiting a pumpkin patch, apple picking, hay rides, art festivals, outdoor movie nights, walking in D.C, catching the sunset, haunted houses, wine-tasting - the possibilities are endless for the Fall season!

4. Clean, Clean, Clean!
Laundry has piled up, the kitchen is a mess after a week of cooking and meal prepping, the place needs to be vacuumed and the bathroom is looking disgusting after rushing five days a week to get ready. I love using my Sundays to wake up early and clean the hell out of the apartment and organizing. It's also something that can be easily accomplished if you live alone or with your partner. Antonny is such a big help with cleaning the apartment and we always make it fun with playing some music and each taking a section of the apartment to get it finished quicker. Starting the new work week with a clean home is such a refreshing feeling! I have been wanting to do some Fall cleaning and organizing all the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom to give them a cleaner look. Disposing all of the unwanted and revamping with the new is a great way to stay productive on a Sunday. Psssst! It also gives you a chance to go shopping for organizational baskets!!!

5. Relaxing! But Really Though...

You ever feel like you need to be doing something physically because relaxing is just not the vibe at the moment? We don't realize how much our body needs to relax after a long work week until we REALLY start relaxing. This means whatever you feel at your uttermost relaxed whether if it's going to the spa, doing an at-home spa treatment, laying on the couch all day watching TV, taking a bath, a few naps throughout the day. Long story short, BE LAZY. We have become robots during the week with having a fundamental routine that we deserve a day to be lazy and to do some self-care. I like to spend my days with my man and kids (I refer to my cat and dog as the kids don't worry haha). I also enjoy doing a lot of self-pampering and self-care because that is when I feel most relaxed.
I am interested in knowing what you do on your Sundays! Do you like to be up and moving or relaxing? Let me know!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


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