Top Beach Essentials for Summer

It cannot get more accurate when people say life is a beach. Life should be more about getting the time to relax, enjoy the waters of the earth, and basking in the Vitamin D while having a drink in your hand. Not the 7-4pm shift, the stress, and the overwhelming work day then at-home night routine! That relaxing "ahhhh" feeling is when I know my body is at its prime relaxation.
Getting away from my daily routine even for a day can be such an uplifting mood! Antonny and I decided that we will be making a good amount of planned/spontaneous beach trips for this summer to take advantage of the free time we have and be able to spend time together. With these planned and spontaneous trips, comes needed essentials!
I SCREAM FOR SUNSCREEN! The most IMPORTANT and WELL-KNOWN item to carry with you on a beach trip. The UVB rays can be so harming to your skin and yes, we can still get our Vitamin D while wearing protection (lol). PLEASE bring your sunscreen. I stick to SPF 100 as this still blocks nearly 99% of UVB radiation. SPF 30 blocks about 97%, and SPF 50 blocks about 98%, all are which completely effective! My preference is to use the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer spray-on body mist SPF 100 sunscreen as this keeps my sensitive skin looking great, still getting a tan but not looking like a tomato. I feel as if the lotions are too thick for my skin and often feel pretty cakey and heavy.

During the summer months, I love carrying the Quai Wave Spray, Quai Rose Hair and Body Oil and the Ouai Air Foam Mousse (pronounced way). Sometimes after laying on the beach, the combination of dry heat, sun, and the salt water can make my hair feel SUPER dry with some feeling brittle and breakable.These two products do SUCH a great job at keeping my hair nourished and hydrated for the rest of the day! What I love is that all Quai products do not contain any parabens, sulfates and phthalates! For my straight, wavy, curly, and coiled hair gals, YES these products also work for you! My favorite part? The rose hair and body oil does exactly as its called - it ALSO nourishes your skin and moisturizes after a long day in the sun and water while smelling like the perfect rose. Dry skin is not my best friend so this oil does the trick with bringing back the moisture. Since I only use these items during the summer months and for the beach, I always buy from Sephora online as they sell The Easy Quai Kit for only $25 which includes travel sized versions of the wave spray, the rose and hair oil, and the air dry foam mousse for on the go!
I am one of those freaks that is constantly applying some type of chapstick. As a kid I used to have red chapped lips all the time and it was NOT cute. My summer fav is the Blistex Deep Renewal with SPF 15. Having this handy while at the beach will prevent your lips from burning and also helping you fight the urge to lick your lips under the dry heat. This moisturizes and nourishes your lips for a soft finish and to improve vitality!
WATAHHHH!! Drink your water and stay hydrated my loves. Alcohol can be quite the master of dehydration because I know some of us (including myself) like to have a drink or two (or 5) at the beach. Water is a MUST and such a simple thing to carry whether if its in your cooler or tumblr. Stay as hydrated as you can while having a good time ;) Going to the beach for the day means no hotel to shower or freshen up when you are ready to head out. How I do this is I use the public beach restrooms! I bring a small spray bottle with 2 parts water a 1 part coconut water and keep it in the cooler, spray it all over my body and massage it in. I absolutely love this as it's such a natural and refreshing feeling on my skin. If its too damp, I always like to bring a small bath facial towel to pat it dry. I always make sure to bring extra undergarments and a sundress to change into because I hate the feeling of getting in the hot car, sweaty, and with my bathing suit still on. For a natural on the go perfume, I use a small spray bottle and combine, water, rose water, and rose essential oil to create an on the go DIY perfume that smells so natural and yummy! For my face, coconut oil lotion will do just the trick with bringing back all the moisture you lost to the sun and water. Add your favorite sunnies, your cell phone to take bomb selfies and pictures, a beach towel, umbrella, cooler, some yummy snacks, your beach chairs and say helloooo to beach day!


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