The Perfect Fathers Day

Our Strength.
Our Protectors.
Our Support.
Our fathers are the joke-sters, they are what keeps the family glued together and the one that has to play the referee when you live in a house full of women like my dad (sorry papito).
Happy Father's Day
to all the single dads, the divorced dads, the widows, the step-dads and the happily married. You all are so much appreciated and loved by your kids, families and friends - the support is all around for you and we COMMEND you on always providing for those around you. All the Father's of the world deserve just as much as our Mother's. As I said for all the mommy's in
Every moment with your parents should be cherished because you never know when there will be the last moment, the last conversation, or the last hug.
God has made him your
Exodus 20:12
Proverbs 23:22

Here's to The Perfect Father's Day.

Alike to the mother's, father's also LOVE quality time. They live for the experiences with their families/friends and feed off of seeing everyone having a good time even if they sit back and watch - they are
The Perfect Father's Day is simple:

1. Have a Great Time Whatever You End Up Doing!
Dads love having a great time no matter what they are doing. I have taken my dad to places with it ending up being an unfortunate event but we still make the best time out of it! It's about sharing the moments, making the best out of everything and not being bummed out it didn’t work out. Bad vibes ruin good moments. So whether if its fishing, sitting in the backyard with a beer, going to the movies, having a cook out and making some bomb burgers or taking them to their favorite place, they will take in each minute as a precious memory. My dad is very spontaneous and adventurous, he LOVES trying new things so we are definitely thinking of going outside of the box for him this year! With your dad, doing what he enjoys is probably the most meaningful and simple plan you can spend with them which brings me to number 2.

2. Simple Can Go a Looooooong Way
I remember when my sister and I were younger, my mom would help us make t-shirts with our hand prints or we would get an updated picture of my sister, my dad and I printed on a t-shirt! As we got older, we did another shirt but with the hand prints of our cat and dog because of course, they are my dads kids as well. To this day, my dad has every single shirt, handwritten card, and gift kept in pristine condition! He has never worn the shirts because he says he doesn't want to ruin them but looks at them often because of how much it means to him. Any chance I get, I love taking my dad on father-daughter dates. We have always loved trying out new restaurants and new places or just simply getting some ice cream and walking downtown. My dad is a very simple man and is pleased with just spending quality time.
Since I don't live with my dad or live in the same city, I make every moment with my dad count. With Dad's, they don't really expect so much and are... well... simple.
Join them in the simplicity of life!
Simple is still beautiful!
Father's day should feel like an every day thing! Tell him you love him every day! Saying you love your dad is probably the most heart felt phrase a child can say to their father.

3. It never hurts to spoil your parents!
Our parents deserve the absolute best.
Every family's story is different and we each know the good that our parents bring to this world. My mom and my dad came at such a young age and have lived in the United States for most of their lives. They came here with
They will appreciate anything and love it with an abundance amount of love!

Let me get soft for a moment.
My dad is my hero.
And I swear I could not type this without crying.
In all families, the father figure is supposed to be the more strict one. The one who protects their families and takes the hit first. The one with the serious face when in front of everyone. In reality, MY DAD IS AN ABSOLUTE TEDDY BEAR! My father has the biggest heart, the sweetest soul, he loves with a love so pure, and his sense of humor is F****** hilarious. I don't know what it is, but the love a father has for his daughter(s) is such a unique relationship. Through all the tough times, drama moments, the boyfriends, heartbreaks - my dad has ALWAYS been there. My dad has taken care of me in sickness and in good health. He has seen me fight for my life on a hospital bed, trying to stay positive for me when deep down he was scared of losing his little girl. My dad gave me the strength to walk when I couldn’t get up myself. My dad fed me to make sure I was well nourished.
My dad made sure I was not going to die.
I have seen my dad have so much bullshit thrown at him and to this day, I have no idea how he did it. I have seen my dad at his absolute highest and at his absolute lowest. I have seen my creator cry in moments I didn't understand why things were happening to us and I have defended my dad in situations beyond out of our control and I knew he wasn't able to fight that fight for us. Fathers always deem themselves as having to be the tough guy and the ones who can't cry because "men don't cry". Truth is, our father's are just as sensitive as the next person. Probably even more. My father has proved to me and my sister time and time again that with hard work, sacrifices, giving everything with all you got, standing up for yourself and being tough, comes great success. He has provided for my sister and I since birth. A roof over our heads, AC and heat in our home, maintaining the house we lived in and being the handyman, making sure we walked around with the flyest kicks on our feet, clothed, and for loving the hell out of my sister and I with all his strength. Over the years, my dad and I have grown such a strong bond that we honestly never had before I became an adult. My dad has gotten to know a little more about me and I with him. I have found out that we are so alike!!
We love
We are soft-hearted and sensitive individuals, super caring, giving, NOT patient what so ever, our sense of humors are uncanny, we always try to stay positive, never take anyone's bullshit, and one thing is for sure...
my dad will always be the first man to have ever loved me.
I am forever thankful and grateful God gave me a father for my 22 years of life so far and I only wish that He continues to bless my dad with many more years of happiness, health and love.
I love you Papito. Happy Fathers Day!

- la cookis


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