How to Stay Healthy - Vitamins and Minerals

Feeling groggy? Like you don't have enough energy throughout the day even after knowing you got plenty of rest or no rest within a couple days? Do you see the lack of life in your hair, skin and nails?
Feeling pain in your bones, muscles or having achey movements? Aside from getting your eight hours of sleep (super unrealistic when you work a 7-4 and in school) and drinking your "64oz" of water, taking supplements and/or making sure your diet includes the vitamins and minerals you Every one has a different lifestyle when it comes to diet.Think about it this way - how are you getting the nutrients you need? All the minerals and vitamins you could be missing out on can take on a toll on how your body performs. From energy, to sleep, to regulating blood, to contracting muscles - every piece of your body needs their supply in order to function.

Calcium - Although I do not take calcium supplements, I get my calcium in by drinking 2 glasses of Silk almond milk almost every day. This helps build strong bones and regulates the heart, nerves and muscles.
Vitamin C - Found in tomatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and red/green peppers, these foods and obtained supplements fight chronic diseases, high blood pressure and boosts immunity!

Vitamin D - When you aren't blessed with the daily dose of California or Florida sun like myself, Vitamin D is important to take! This helps regulate calcium and maintain your blood levels, both important factors to keeping your bones healthy. I take the Nature's Bounty D3 Gummies (these are SO good and I prefer the gummies instead of pills)
Hair, Skin & Nails - These contain Vitamin C, E and Biotin to contribute for healthy skin, collagen production and maintaining healthy hair. For years I have used the Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies!
Vitamin B12 - For the formation of red blood cells, increased energy and amenia prevention, B12 is essential in feeling energized. I don't take vitamins for this as I consume my B12's by eating eggs, almond milk and beef for the gainz!
Iron - Spinach, legumes, quinoa, turkey, eggs, and broccoli are six of MANY nutritional foods that contain iron. Easily consumable and no supplements needed! Iron supplements do the job for those with diet restrictions but these are the foods I eat on a normal basis to get my daily iron intake.
Multivitamin - If you want to get your intake of multiple vitamins, a multivitamin is what its made for! The One A Day VitaCraves contain Vitamin A, C, D, E, B6, Folic Acid, B12 and Biotin!
Magnesium - I feel like this one is not talked about as much but it is just as important as the rest. If you work out often, magnesium is important for muscle contractions. Magnesium helps relax the muscles and your intestines after a good workout or some good eatsssss. Spinach, egg whites almonds and beans are GREAT sources of magnesium.
Potassium - HYDRATION!!!!!!! Hydration not only comes from drinking water (drink those 64oz a day people) but it also comes from potassium! Potassium capsules cannot be easily supplemented due to a rule that limits the amount that is sold in over-the-counter tablets and capsules BUT it is found in your every day food. My post gym meal always includes bananas, flax seeds and peanut better as this is a great source of potassium, protein and electrolytes to stay hydrated post work-out. Also, anything that is whole-wheat, avocados, egg whites and veggies have a good amount of potassium!
***Remember, don't eat certain foods if you don't like them! There is ALWAYS an alternative to fit every individuals lifestyle! If you do not eat meat or vegetables, taking supplements is a great way to maintain your body's homeostasis and give it the love it needs.
As I always say, love your body and it will love you.


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