Top Beach Essentials for Summer

It cannot get more accurate when people say life is a beach. Life should be more about getting the time to relax, enjoy the waters of the earth, and basking in the Vitamin D while having a drink in your hand. Not the 7-4pm shift, the stress, and the overwhelming work day then at-home night routine! That relaxing "ahhhh" feeling is when I know my body is at its prime relaxation.

How to Deal With Anxiety

Ah, the culprit to sweaty palms, nail biting, meltdowns and chest pains.

The Perfect Fathers Day

Our Strength.
Our Protectors.
Our Support.

How to Stay Healthy - Vitamins and Minerals

Feeling groggy? Like you don't have enough energy throughout the day even after knowing you got plenty of rest or no rest within a couple days? Do you see the lack of life in your hair, skin and nails?
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