How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway with the Girls!

Plain and simple - I love traveling!
To those who also love traveling, you can understand when I say I love the excitement of knowing that I am traveling somewhere! Whether if its a well-known location or if I have not been there before, the planning and anticipation for any trip is an exhilarating emotion! Only this time, I get to experience it with my girls!
One of my great friends that has been in the family for years IS GETTING MARRIED!!! So this travel trip was planned just for her so we can all celebrate her bachelorette party. I have never been on an all girls trip so I am super excited for this and it will definitely be a trip to remember.
Destination: Tampa, Florida!
I have traveled so much in the past years whether if it was for festivals or visiting friends for a weekend so I have learned the "gabo ways" of traveling that works best for me! I will only be there for two full days which means packing

Plan with Time!!!
Last minute travel plans can go both ways. The spontaneous road trips can be trips of a lifetime, but trips including airfare and saving up money can add so much unnecessary stress. Depending on the situation, I don't like having last minute planned trips because I have to stress on booking a place to stay, flight, packing the proper clothing, etc. Planning with time will save you the stress, scoring an awesome flight deal and saving up some cash so you can spend more and worry less about coming back to credit card debt. Get the most out of your money with planning ahead and planning wisely!

The Secrets to Cheap Airfare
Nothing is more annoying than finding all the flights tickets are 400+ for a trip when you know it could have been cheaper a couple months in advance. Low cost airfare entitles smart planning, purchasing and selecting dates. Tuesdays are supposedly the best days to look for flight tickets as this is the day airlines decrease their prices. Finding the best price also relates to the date you are flying out - Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday's are apparently the best days to travel to your destination for low cost. Although some argue there is no specific date that make prices increase or decrease, I always like to check daily for ticket prices and see where they are at. For a trip I have planned with Antonny in September, I looked on a Tuesday for our flights and we scored round-trip flights to Barcelona AND France for less than $800!!!! Another tip is deleting your browser history, cookies and cache will also prevent your device from knowing you were previously searching up tickets and increasing the prices *eye roll emoji*

Packing the Essentials
A weekend trip or a week long trip, always pack the essentials! I consider over-packing to be a nuisance for the simple fact that I have caught myself doing this so many times! I have learned on how to NOT over-pack by simply starting with a carry-on luggage. For a weekend trip like this one, a carry-on luggage is the perfect size for everything I need. A tip I like to follow to avoid over-packing is the 3-3-1 rule: 3 outfits, 3 pairs of shoes and 1 extra item (jeans or shirt) to match one of the items from the 3 outfits. This has saved me with over-packing and essentially having 4 outfits to wear. With those three outfits, I also like to mix and match with each piece. So if I bring one pair of jeans, a skirt and three shirts, I technically have 6 outfits! I like to start out by laying out all of my outfits to know exactly what it is I am wearing and with what. Then comes the accessories and the one purse I take with me that will go with all outfits. Of course, don't forget to pack undergarments!!! Lastly, I have always used the travel sized bottles that you can find at Target or Amazon. They are reusable for every trip and you can pack just the right amount of skincare products, shampoo and conditioners - not to mention most of the packs come with sticker labels to make it more organized!
I'm so excited to celebrate with all the girls under one roof!! This will be a trip to remember and then leading up to see one of my best friends walk down the aisle on her wedding day!
Tampa, here we come!


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