Spring Cleaning

It's safe to say that we are slowly ditching those heavy coats and snow boots for the jeans and a t-shirt vibes! I don't know about you, but I feel at my complete happiest when the sun touches my skin. The excitement for spring to peak is REAL and I am all for it!

Now, I understand that this can get a little overwhelming but what I recently started doing after work is focusing on one part of the apartment each day and taking the time to reorganize and de-clutter. Doing this each day also helps with keeping your place maintained and clean.
Can you guess what I first started with?
My closet is my holy sanctuary being that since it is what I see every morning and every night, I have to have it in a way I feel the MOST confident with. I am a perfectionist and detail-oriented Virgo and everything else must reflect that. Confidence is all about self-love spiritually, mentally and physically. With that, I like feeling great about what I am wearing and how I wear it. It is such an empowering feeling when you are feeling yourself, your mood and your fit - it is sure to show once you walk out that door. I flipped my closet to get rid of all of my old winter clothes and shoes that either didn't make it to see next winter or that I am able to donate to the local aid donation boxes and brought in all the summer skirts and dresses. The transition from Winter to Spring gives me a chance to update my clothing by visually seeing the basic essentials I need to repurchase (plain t-shirts, jeans, undergarments) and to also introduce new pieces and this seasons trends. I keep my style based on a very neutral color palette for a professional and classy everyday look for work, school and even for those daring nights out - blacks, whites, nudes, some soft pinks and light blues, greens and golds are my go to's but I also have a hidden section in my closet with patterns and colors outside of the palette (for the aesthetic lol). I like to have my closet color coordinated and in the order of pants/skirts, then jackets and sweaters, then shirts, then dresses. Yeah.... I'm super OCD lol
I have spent YEARS perfecting my closet and wardrobe that this is what I feel fits my everyday life for an easy grab-n-go. A staple wardrobe that reflects your style and your individuality is such a HUGE confidence booster in helping you feel confident everywhere you go! Grab those t-shirts, jeans,and sandals everyone - Spring is here!!!!!


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